We Welcome a New Addition

We weclome, Ash! Last night at evening checks Pippy’s ligaments felt quite a bit looser than usual. I figured that we would have kids before the weekend was out for sure. This morning at morning checks, whatever ligaments were left were totally gone. Not knowing how long she had been that way, I knew that we would have kids before the evening was out if not before I got home from work.

We got home this afternoon and I went in to check on everyone quick before unloading the car. As I opened the door, I was greeted by the little sound of a new kid! Realizing there was no immediate threat, we were able to get changed and gather supplies before heading back out to check everyone over. Pippy did a great job and was diligently cleaning and caring for the babe. Finally having a chance to look them over, we were thrilled to realized we were welcoming another doeling!

We are excited to introduce you to Ash, who weighed in at 3lbs 3oz!

Ms. Ash

Ms. Ash

♥ – The Smiths

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