Reservations and Purchases

Our 2018 kids will be arriving from February to April. The purchase of kids will be offered in order of reservations and payment received. Watch for more information on breeding pairs and the breeding schedule. If you are interested in reserving a kid, please visit the Reservation and Sales Agreement to complete an agreement, or contact us directly for more information.



A reservation from Hilltop Haven Farmstead provides you the first selection option AFTER any retained kids, in the order your deposit was received. Hilltop Haven Farmstead reserves the right to retain any kid bred by our farm, at any time, at our discretion.

Unborn kids can be reserved by completing this Reservation and Purchase Agreement and submitting a $50 deposit. Reservations are accepted on a first come, first deposit basis.

All breedings are subject to change.

If your reservation becomes available the balance MUST be paid in full within 10 days of receiving notice. Reservation agreements not paid on time will be deemed void. The deposit will not be refunded and the kid will be offered for sale to an alternative buyer.

If your reservation is rolled over from a prior year and the price of offspring goes up, the new price also applies to your reservation.



Arrangement for transportation is solely the buyers responsibility.  Due to time constraints, we are not available to meet buyers for drop off.

A boarding fee of $3 per day will be added if your goat(s) is not picked up by the age indicated in the above form.


Additional Information 

Hilltop Haven Farmstead only sells goats to homes that already have goats or plan on a multiple purchase. Goats are herd animals and require other goats for companionship. NO exceptions.

If you are interested in purchasing a wether, the price will be negotiated. You will receive a $50 refund once proof of castration at 12-16 weeks of age is provided. For health related reasons, it is ill-advised to castrate a buck before 12 weeks of age.

All purchases include disbudding unless prior arrangements are made and the reservation is paid for in full. Kids will receive CD/T vaccines before leaving Hilltop Haven Farmstead. Goats are guaranteed healthy at the time of sale. Once an animal leaves our property, NO guarantee is extended.


Deposits and Purchases

All deposits are nonrefundable, except if a reserved kid does not become available. In this case, you may request that your deposit is returned, applied to another kid, or rolled over to the next breeding season.

Completing this application is a step in the process to acquiring a Nigerian Dwarf from Hilltop Haven Farmstead. Placing a deposit for a kid from a planned breeding does not guarantee you will get a kid from this or any future kiddings.

While unlikely, Hilltop Haven Farmstead reserves the right to refuse any placement at any time.