Breeding Services

Hilltop Haven Farmstead offers breeding services to their AGS and ADGA registered bucks under certain conditions and circumstances. At this time, only driveway breeding and board and breed services are offered. The following breeding requirements are subject to change at any time.

1) All does must be free of any visible disease including abscesses, wounds, diarrhea, elevated temperature, and a minimum FAMACHA score of three (3).


2) All does must have proof of negative CAE testing.


3) The stud fee must be paid prior to breeding. Stud fee amounts vary based upon the buck’s lineage, previous offspring, length of stay, etc.


4) The doe owner (OWNER) is responsibly for the doe at all times while on Hilltop Haven Farmstead (BREEDER) premises. This includes any potential illnesses, injuries, and veterinarian expenses.


a) Breeder will consult the Owner prior to any services rendered. If Owner cannot be reached during any emergency, the Owner permits any and all veterinarian services to stabilize the health of the doe at the Owner’s expense.

b) Should a doe expire while on the Breeder’s premises, the Breeder will not be held responsible unless malicious neglect is found to be the sole cause of the doe’s death.


5) Any additional fees incurred during the breeding must be paid in full (cash or credit card) prior to the doe being released to the Owner.


6) Any doe left 30 days or more beyond the terms of the breeding agreement may be considered abandoned and will become the property of Hilltop Haven Farmstead.


7) Repeat breeding will be offered to any doe that does not settle after a breeding, for up to a one year period.


a) All efforts must be made by the Owner to ensure the doe is able to conceive. These efforts include observations of heat, blood work, or other diagnostic tools.

b) The Owner is responsible for reporting pregnancy or subsequent heat cycles.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on breeding availability, please contact us at