Meet Maple

We are so happy to introduce you to Maple, the first kid of 2017!

Saturday morning we woke and prepared for our errands for the day. We had a busy day planned, getting feed, grocery shopping, and picking up our niece who was spending the night. Before leaving in the morning, we of course did chores and morning checks.

When we fed everyone, we also did the usual ligament checks. That might sound funny for those that are unfamiliar. Goats have two ligaments that run down either side of their spine toward their tail. The feel like tight rubber bands about the width of a pencil. When labor is imminent, these ligaments loosen and disappear to allow for the proper space needed for the kid(s) to pass through. During morning checks I noted that I couldn’t seem to find the right side, but the left seemed as usual. We went about our day and did all of our running.

When we got home we did checks again. This time, I couldn’t find either ligament. We talked that we thought this was it but, again, anything can happen. At 4pm the kids went to check on Quinn and noted that she was starting to have slight discharge but no other significant changes. Later 5pm checks revealed the same and 7pm checks showed no real change. We started to question our thoughts we had earlier in the day. We once again checked her around 10pm before bed. While no changes in mucous, she was showing some change in her udder. In particular, her teats were starting to fill. In addition, she was yawning more frequently and pawing her bedding. We knew it was only a matter of time. We got up to check around 3am and there was no progress and the same for early morning checks around 7am.

Our niece went home around 9:30am and we went back out to do checks, feed, and warm water. When I walked in, I was greeted by Quinn in active labor. Within thirty minutes, we were blessed with a sweet little doeling.

Meet Maple.

Ms. Maple

β™₯ – The Smiths

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